14 Celebrities Who Embarrassingly Dated Their Ex’s Doppelganger

15 Celebrities Doppelganger - 9. Chris Brown dates Jasmine Sanders ; a Rihanna Look Alike - 11

Only the lucky few people manage to meet their doppelganger in their lifetime. The meeting might, however, be not be a blessing if the love of your life ends up with them — this is surprisingly common in the world of celebrities.

15 Celebrities Doppelganger - 11. Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller Denise Richards look alike - 22

Some celebrities have even shamelessly gone to the extent of dating women to are identical to their daughters, crossing the line of being awkward, and venturing into the territory of being just plain creepy. The following are 14 cases where celebrities who could not resist the temptation to kick it with their partner’s doppelganger.