12 Surprising Celebrities Who Openly Don’t Believe in God

12 Celebrities Who Openly Don't Believe in God-Joaquin Phoenix1

Celebrities are often very careful about how they talk for the simple reason they know if they anger their fans, their careers are practically over. With religion still being a sensitive topic, even in the 2010s, many who do not believe in God still choose to keep it to themselves for fear of public backlash.

12 Celebrities Who Openly Don't Believe in God-Amber Heard1

However, then there are some who not only freely admit to not being religiously affiliated in any way, but they also seem not to care about how the general public perceives them at all, to which we say, good on you, guys! So, here is our list of 12 celebrities who openly don’t believe in God and aren’t ashamed to admit it! Number one will seriously surprise you!