12 Crazy Stories of Celebrities Forced to Take a Paternity Test


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It must be so, so hard to be a celebrity.  All the fame, power, money, wait, did we say hard? We meant awesome. But there is one hard thing that can come with a lot of fame: people trying anything to get close to exactly what we mentioned before (most particularly, the money). Here are 12 stories of celebrities who had to put up with delusional fans (and even some groupies) who said a celebrity is the parent of their child.

12 Celebrities Forced To Take A Paternity Test - Mick - 1

You won’t believe who actually DID turn out to be the father of the children of not one, but two, groupies, or who denied their child until they absolutely had to take a paternity test and it was proved otherwise. Some of the biggest and richest names in Hollywood, Reality TV, and sports are on this list, so read on!