12 Celebrities with the Most Unusual Phobias

12 Celebrities with the Most Unusual Phobias-Sean Diddy Combs1

As far as celebrities go, it’s hard to see them as ordinary people. They exist in our minds as heroes, stars, and larger than life characters; not average joes with fears and bad days. Hate to break it to you but celebrities do suffer from irrational fears and go through traumatic experiences just like everybody else who lives on this magnificent blue marble.

12 Celebrities with the Most Unusual Phobias-Kristen Stewart1

Fame, mansions, luxury cars, and glamor don’t shield you from developing strange phobias. In fact, given their cut-throat lives, many celebs are probably more prone to fears and traumatic experiences than you think. So here is a list of some of the most bizarre and unexpected phobias suffered by 12 big Hollywood stars.