12 Celebrities Who Escaped Scientology

A Look at 12 Celebrities Who Escaped Scientology-Candice Bergen2

Scientology is a 21st-century religion made up of a vast body of knowledge that extends from certain essential truths. One of the main pillars of this religion is that humans are spiritual beings who possess abilities that go beyond what they usually envision. In addition to solving problems, accomplishing goals, and finding everlasting happiness, a human being can achieve new states of awareness that he or she had never thought was possible.

A Look at 12 Celebrities Who Escaped Scientology-Leah Remini2

A number of famous people are known to be members of Scientology; however, due to some controversies associated with the church, some celebrities have severed their ties with the cult — sorry, religion. Below is a slideshow of 12 celebrities who escaped the grubby hands of Scientology.