12 Amazing Celebrity Cameos that Made You Shriek with Delight


TV Show: 30 Rock Copyright: Broadway Video, 2006 Distributed by: NBCUniversal Television Distribution

Don’t you just love watching one of your favorite TV shows, or finally streaming that movie you’ve been dying to see to find another of your favorite actors or actresses making an appearance? It’s like the perfect cherry on top. Admittedly, sometimes cameos are hard to catch (though often those are the best ones) and you have to seriously pay attention and occasionally squint a little to see it. 

Source: tribzap2itMovie: Captain America: The First Avenger Copyright: Marvel Studios Distributed by: Paramount Pictures

Actor and chairman of Marvel Comics Stan Lee has pretty much mastered and perfected the art of cameos. This now 90-year-old man has been in nearly every single Marvel movie to date. But it’s not just Stan who’s made some hilarious and surprising appearances! Grab some popcorn and take a click through the following cream of the crop cameo appearances.