15 Amazing Movies That Slipped Through The Cracks

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Movie: Frances Ha Copyright: RT Features, 2012 Distributed by: IFC Films/ Movie: The Place Beyond the Pines Copyright: Sidney Kimmel Entertainment, 2012 Distributed by: Focus Features/ Movie: Charlie Bartlett Copyright: SKE, 2008 Distributed by: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

Ah, the movies. The art of cinema is the one of the best forms of entertainment that allow us to be taken away into a world beyond our realm of imagination and reality — a form of escapism that for two hours will have transported us into a different universe and no matter how good or bad the movie is, you will have ventured outside of your personal cave for a little while, and we love it. Now, there are the classics: Titanic, American Beauty, Crash, Star Wars — movies that have won Academy Awards and have sparked countless discussions and which will be enthusiastically quoted til the end of time.

take-this-waltz-awesome-movies-2 (Copy)Movie: Take This Waltz Copyright: Astral Media, 2011 Distributed by: Mongrel Media

These films were obviously recognized for cinematic quality and production, acting and directing that warranted, though objectively speaking, fair critical acclaim to grant them as plain damn good movies. But what about the ones that didn’t get the hype and attention and box office craze that these movies did? What about the films that tell epic stories, show tremendous acting, and deliver heart-pumping scenes but just didn’t quite make their way into water cooler talk and one of the random things couples fight about? Well, we’re here to tell you about some of these great movies.