Why You Should Be Friends With Your Ex


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Sometimes at the end of a relationship there are bitter feelings. There is a sense of injustice and a lack of closure that some find very hard to get past. Now, imagine you have children with this particular ex. Or you were married; these feelings can be one hundred times worse right? Well sometimes the easiest way to get over these feelings is to try and make new ones. And no that doesn’t mean a new relationship or rekindling the old one, it means platonic feelings! By becoming friends, or at least friendly acquaintances with your ex, life can become so much easier! Read on to find out the benefits it can reap!

– It Takes Away The Dreaded Awkwardness

If you and your ex live in the same vicinity, chances are you are going to bump into each other at some point. If you guys can stop and chat and break the ice and silence that can form from bitterness, you will feel so much more at ease. You don’t have to stop and have a coffee together, just be able to have a quick catch up! You get to walk away and not feel sweaty, and nervous, and sick at the thought that you just experienced something you really didn’t want to!

– Improve Your Co-Parenting Skills

If children are involved, the random run-ins tend to become a lot more regular and planned. For your kids’ sake, as well as your own, it’s so worth becoming friends. You guys can actually converse about what your kids are up to, have an insight to whether there are any problems that one another might not know about and in the long-term, you’re setting a healthy example for your kids about how relationships don’t have to last to be good!

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– You Get The Friendship Part Of Your Relationship

One of the hardest things to deal with in terms of a breakup – whether it was a long-term or a short lived relationship – is the loss of a friend. The reality is that your partner become the person you share most with, the person who knows you best and when you end a relationship, you can feel very lost without that support. But if you try and remain friends and work through the crappy part at the start, you can rekindle the friendship that was so special to you both!

– Improve Your Future Relationships

This might seem weird but once you and your ex are comfortable enough you can delve into the reasons that you didn’t work! While it may seem easy to rekindle romance through your blossoming romance, in the long run it will be great for you both to improve not only your friendship skills but through conversing together, it can help you become a better partner. You can find out what you could have brought more of to the relationship and in the long-term, improve your standing as someone’s partner.

– Lessen Awkwardness For Your Mutual Friends

While this too depends on the length of your relationship, if you have mutual friends with your ex, being total enemies can make it awkward for these friends; what can they say in front of each of you, what should they not say, who do they choose to hang out with?! If you guys are cool with each other, your friends don’t need to worry about upsetting either of you. It makes life so much easier!

– Closure

Last and most importantly, you can find closure through befriending your ex! A lot of people say that having a healthy friendship with an ex can prove to you that there are no romantic (or otherwise) feelings left between you. It can too set up a foundation of maturity in your future relationships!