What a Girl Wants: Four things That Women Need In Relationships

what a girl wants - Four things that women need in relationships-Intro Slide

Guys, we get it. Really we do. You’re not mind readers and it’s not fair to expect you to be.

But for that, there are some fundamental things that you should know about us. To love a woman is to show a deep investment in knowing and understanding her, and there are some base-level concepts that you should get a grip on in order to better comprehend our behavior. The more you can conceptualize of these basics, the better your relationships will be. So here they are: four things that every woman needs out of her relationship.

1) We want you to want us

what a girl wants- Four things that women need in relationships-1. We want you to want us

It sounds so simple when you put it this way; but you’d be amazed how convoluted this message can get. The bottom line is that we want you; and the more you want us, the more we’ll want you back. We want to feel like we’re who you run to when things go downhill. We want to feel like we’re the one you’d rather be spending time with on a Friday. We want to feel like we’re always on your mind, and like just the thought of us in that cute skirt drives you crazy. We want you to be ours, and we want to be yours in turn. It’s this feeling of mutual desire that will keep us engaged and coming back for more.

2) We want to feel cherished

what a girl wants -four things that women need in relationships -2.We want to feel cherished

Like we’re the only one in the world, like we’re the last thing you think about at night and the first thing you think about in the morning. Make us feel special and we will move mountains for you. Chivalry is not dead; go the extra mile to make us feel loved. Hold doors, offer to get the car if it’s raining or windy, bring us flowers just because. You’d be amazed what even these tiny acts of generosity mean to us. Making a girl feel like she’s your world begins with the smallest gifts; and the more you give to us, the more we will give right back to you. The girl you treat like a Queen will treat you like a King in return; consider this a long-term investment. Fostering that special feeling will ensure that she holds you near and dear through good times and bad.

3) We want honesty

What a girl wants- Four things that women need in relationships 3. We want Honesty

Plain and simple. We don’t want to hear what you think we want to hear, we want to hear the truth (and that can be really difficult sometimes). If you aren’t feeling it, or you don’t like the vibe you’re getting from use, let us know. If you have expectations about this relationship (particularly if you feel that those expectations might not match up to the ones we have), tell us. If you think this is just for fun, make that abundantly clear. If we want something different, then there’s definitely someone else out that that will give us what we need. As long as you’re clear, honest, and kind, there’s no reason to hold back the way you’re feeling about our relationship.

And be honest about your emotions, too. Tell us if you’re having a bad day; and tell us why. Nothing will make a girl feel more special than if you share your feelings with her (that means both the good and the bad ones). And be specific; we are invested in the way you experience the world and want to know all about it!

4) We want a good friend.

what a girl wants-four things that women need in relationships-4 We want a good friend

At the end of the day, the strongest relationships are ones based upon friendship. If we can’t be friends with you, there’s no way that we are going to wind up together forever. We want to be able to share interests with you, to go hang out and do things with you, and to have fun together. We want to know that we can complain about the same things sometimes, watch the same TV shows on netflix, and have the same idea of a “fun night out”.

While physical relations are certainly an important part of a romantic relationship, life together doesn’t begin and end in the bedroom. We need to know that you’ll be interesting and fun to be around when we’re sober with our clothes on. So show us a good time, and be a good friend and we’ll show you that we’re in it to win it.

Mostly, if you’re having trouble understanding women, the best policy is to talk to us. Openly, honestly, and kindly. Ask questions; we’ll give you the answers! We’re not shy about what we want!