The Top 15 Reasons Couples Fight

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Whenever you hear about a couple with relationship troubles, you reflect onto your own relationship. “At least we don’t fight like that” or “I’m glad that isn’t us” often come to mind. But what do you do when it is your relationship that is in the pits? One way to look at couple issues is to see what others are fighting about so you understand you aren’t alone. Here are 15 of the most common reasons why couples are caught bickering.

15. Are You Ready Yet?

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Most of the time it’s the female who is to blame for taking forever to get dressed. Of course there are exceptions to the rule. Fact of the matter is that it doesn’t matter who is taking forever. Be respectful of the other person’s individuality and don’t prod if you are tired of waiting on your mate. On the other side of the coin, if you typically take a long time to get ready, consider switching up your routine to make for a more expeditious process.

14. Bad Bathroom Habits

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Men, sorry to start with you here, but please put down the toilet seat when you are finished peeing. It keeps the bathroom looking and smelling nice when the seat cover is horizontal. Other bad bathroom habits on both sides of the gender fence are leaving hair in the sink or tub and squeezing the toothpaste tube from the middle. Avoid hearing your mate scream in the A.M. by taking a few precautionary measures in the bathroom, and the rest of your day will go much better.

13. Not Sharing the Chore Load

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Face it folks. We all wear clothing, eat food and want to live in relatively clean homes. Therefore we should all work in doing the chores necessary to provide these basic wants. Of course, some of us prefer some chores to others, so talk to your partner and see what chores they prefer for you to pick up.

12. Shopping Habits

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Some of us like to shop, while others loathe the act. If you and your partner have different shopping habits, i.e. one of you loves to linger while the other speed shops, make a note of this and avoid shopping together. You’ll avoid a laundry list of arguments and everyone will be happier in the end. If you do have to shop together, accept your different styles and accommodate the both of your needs with a bit of negotiation.

11. Channel Surfing

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For couples who watch television, the choice of what to watch is a major reason why many couples bicker. While there will always be some shows you just hate to watch, suck it up for the sake of your partner. Create a negotiation so that each of you can watch what you want with an understanding from your partner.

10. The Ex

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Most adults have at least one ex. In your relationship, it’s important to accept this so that you can’t be shocked to hear or see your mate’s ex. Understand that the past is the past and that you have to move on. If your partner wanted to be with their ex, it seems like they would be, and you would have nothing to worry about anyway.

9. Shoes Worn in the House

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In European cultures, shoes are never worn in the home. However, here in the U.S. this practice is murkier. Consult with your mate to see if they prefer shoes on or off in the home, and come to a mutual agreement. Stand by your joint decision to reduce the arguments this topic tends to blaze up for couples.