15 Tips For Spicing Up Your Long Term Relationship Beyond The Bedroom

8. Support their Goals and Dreams

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We all have dreams and goals that we aspire to, and you should be supportive of your partner’s dreams. Even if you don’t fully believe in the dream yourself, never admit it, and replace your doubt with the passion of helping someone you love do something they love. Best yet, it will help you better understand your loved one as you see them develop themselves in a positive manner.

7. Be Helpable

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No, “helpable” is not a made up word. To be helpable means that you are capable of being helped. We all need help on a regular basis. However, sometimes we are too proud, too lazy, too nonchalant, or too miserable to ask for it. Don’t avoid an opportunity when you can bond with your partner; ask for help on a task no matter how small today.

6. Move to a New Place

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Getting to know a new city or country is one of the most profound life experiences anyone can have. When you do this as a couple, you add another layer of memories that you share together. These memories and times help you establish a stronger relationship able to withstand difficult situations.

5. Be Alert and Attentive

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When you are talking to your partner, are you always paying 100 percent attention? Probably not, and that is a shame. Stop answering your phone, checking your Facebook feed, or texting when you are conversing with your partner. You should also stop talking so much and make it a point to really listen to what they are saying.

4. Tell Them You Love Them

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When was the last time you looked deep into your partner’s eyes and told them that you loved them? You should be doing this daily, at a minimum. By taking the time out to make sure your mate knows you are there for them and that you care about them on a regular basis you reaffirm your ties.

3. Journal



Writing in a journal on your own is always a good stress relieving tool. But you should also write in a journal as a couple to note the good and bad days you have together. When you are dealing with bad days, go back and look at how you handled such situations and made it out of them in the past.

2. Be Independent

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One of the tips given to single people these days is to remain independent as a way to make yourself appear more attractive. This carries over into your long term relationship. By having your own friendships, hobbies and interests, you continue to keep your partner attracted to you.

1. Smile Up a Storm

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A smile speaks volumes. Give your partner a happy smile whenever you can and see how well they respond. A grin, whether goofy or sly, sends all kinds of secretive messages that are only meant for your mate. Plus, a smile encourages happiness along with endorphins that can make you want to be around your smiling partner more often.