The 17 Most Awesome Parts Of A Serious Relationship In Your Twenties


Being in a serious relationship can be a joy and a blessing, and just because you are young doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t enjoy such a commitment to your partner and your future. Far from tying yourself down to one person, having such stability in your life is a welcome change from all the other facets of living in your twenties that can feel so tumultuous. So, in case you’ve been experiencing some negative peer pressure and need a little bit of fuel to combat the Debbie Downers, click next to find out 17 reasons why being in a serious relationship in your twenties is simply where it’s at!

1. Finding Love


That thing that everyone spends their lives searching for (sometimes in all the wrong places)? That perfect end to the fairy tale? That happily ever after? You’ve already found it! Now you can spend precious time and resources worrying about other things: like your career, your future, and what you’re going to do with your degree.

2. Some Source of Stability


Your twenties are a time that can feel completely uprooting, crazy, and whirlwind. Everything constantly changes: your job, your living situation, perhaps even your dreams and aspirations. There is definitely something to be said for having one thing in your life that is stable, no matter what. Your relationship can be a much-needed sanctuary and safe haven in the stormy sea of your twenties.

3. Something to Come Home To


A committed relationship doesn’t mean that you’re missing out on adventure! Studying abroad, taking a crazy job in a strange part of the country for a summer, WWOOFing, no matter what it is you can still do it! You simply have something awesome to look forward to returning to whenever it is that you make your way home.

4. Someone on your Team


One of the biggest benefits of a long-term serious relationship is that, no matter what, you know that you’ll always have someone batting for your team. More than that, you have someone encouraging you and reassuring you as you pursue your dreams; who wouldn’t want that kind of positivity in their life?

5. Room to Grow


Because you met when you were still in your formative years, you have plenty of room to grow and change together. As the years go by, your relationship will also grow and change with you. Being able to experience that is a wonderful and magical thing that you wouldn’t have the opportunity to do otherwise.

6. You can be You


Since you know that someone is by your side who loves you for the person you are, you can always feel liberated and allowed to be true to yourself! You never have to feel the pressure to change, or present yourself as anything other than what you are at heart. No matter what “you” is, you can always be that person.

7. Going out is an Option, not a Requirement


Since you don’t have to spend your nights trolling for a date, you can go out without the added social pressure of being nice to every drunk guy who hits on you at a bar. You also don’t have to feel badly if you would prefer to stay in on a give night with your Netflix and some ice cream because you have the perfect companion with whom to do so.

8. Practice Makes Perfect


Whether you choose to marry your 20s SO or not, you still walk away from the situation with a great deal of experience. Being in a serious, committed relationship takes work and, having been in one for so long, you have one up on others who have not. Practice, after all, does make perfect; and your story simply requires the perfect happy ending.