The 16 Most Bizarre Dating Sites You’ve Never Heard of Until Now!

While being single can be rough as hell at times, there is another arena that is considerably much worse. It’s that awkward, time-consuming, potential happily ever after stage that we know as DATING. Depending on what you’re looking for in another human being, the dating arena has the capacity to be a super fun and exciting stage of a relationship. To the other single-and-minglers, dating is a complicated and exhausting world saturated with way too many weirdos who oftentimes carry a completely different set of beliefs, values, and needs.

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This is of course inevitable, since with every individual comes a unique set of traits, and desires in a potential partner. With so many darn people delving into the dating world, it’s hard not to go on some horribly awkward dates with a few duds who have absolutely nothing in common with you. This dating problem has been recognized by more than few, and attempts to sub-categorize the dating pool have surfaced online through some incredibly specific dating sites. Though you still may need to kiss a few frogs in the process of using these oddly specific dating sites, you’ll still be much closer to exactly what you’re looking for!