Found Yourself A Keeper: 15 Signs That He’s The One

So you’ve been seeing this guy for some time and everything just feels right; but knowing that someone is “the one” is a big thing and not to be taken lightly.  It could, after all, impact the course of your entire life.  It’s natural to feel some jitters about this momentous impulse, but there are definitely telltale markers that will point you in the right decision-making direction; here are fifteen of them.  These fifteen signs will show you that you’ve got yourself a keeper.

1. Mutual Respect

Found Yourselfa Keeper 15 Signs that He's the one for you - Subhead 1. Mutual Respect

Aretha got it right; it’s all about the R-E-S-P-E-C-T.  But knowing that you respect him is only half of the equation: you have to also feel that he is worthy of your respect in turn.  Does he ensure that your opinions and points of view are heard in a conversation?  Do you feel like your intellectual opinion is valuable to him?  If so; then something is definitely going right!

2. Just the Way you Are

Found Yourself a keeper- 15 Signs that He's the one -subhead.2 Just the way you are

Do you feel like you can be you in any uncensored, half-awake, un-made-up, half-dressed haze and he loves you anyway?  If you’ve found a man who takes you just the way you are, you know that you’ve got a good thing going.  Because after all, you are fantastic and wonderful; “the one” will appreciate all of that and love you for you.

3. Don’t Gotta Turn it “on”

Found Yourself a Keeper 15 Signs that he's the one - Subhead 3. Don't Gotta Turn on

When you’re with him, do you feel comfortable not being “on” all the time?  If he’s going to stick around for a while, then he had better not be a drain on your “social batteries”.  If you feel like you can be with him in any state of being and that he still thinks you shine, then he’s definitely a keeper.