Dating After your Divorce

Post-divorce dating can be scary and intimidating. Things can become very complicated very quickly so if you are considering getting back in the game, answer these 3 questions.

What are you Looking For?

Outcome is what you need to consider. Why do you want to start seeing people again? Is it for companionship, to find a friend, a future spouse, or just a date for the sake of a date? While your answer does not have to remain the same, you should take some time to think about this. Try writing down your thoughts on dating, and what your end goal is, or if you even have one. You’ll be surprised at the answers you’ll find even without knowing what you want.

Has Enough Time Passed?

Everyone’s healing time is different and everyone knows themselves best, so there really is no common answer to this question. There can be a lot of healing needed after the end of a relationship, whether it was long or short lived, so for most people, they know they are ready when they have dealt with any hurt that came from the break up. Some people need to talk to therapists to achieve this, while some people are able to deal with it themselves. Don’t set yourself a time limit, just try to dip your toes in when you feel ready. Ignore pressures from anyone else!

Are you Going to Tell your Kids?

Depending on your kids’ ages, and how they’ve dealt with your divorce, can have a big effect on how they react to you starting to date again. You should always be mindful and sensitive to their feelings as well as your own. Find a way to speak to them and ask if they have any concerns. They will appreciate your interest in their feelings, and in turn will try to think of yours.

Life after divorce can certainly be hard, but it is by no means over! Take some of this advice on board and once you feel ready to start dating again, go for it! And remember, enjoy it!