Are You Or Your Partner Emotional Cheaters?

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What exactly is an emotional cheater and what is an emotional affair? Usually, you hear cheater or affair and you instantly think physical disloyalty but believe it or not, there is just as much deception involved whether it’s emotional or physical. Romantic feelings for someone that acted acted upon physically are bad, but for a lot of people, romantic feelings acted on emotionally can be a lot worse.

While men tend to be more hurt by physical infidelity, women tend to be more hurt by emotional cheating. So what exactly does it take to be considered an emotional cheater? Well, there are a multitude of things but what we need to remember is that everyone’s relationship is different and what might be acceptable in one person’s may bot be in another’s.

If you are suspicious of your partner (or wary of yourself) the signs usually begin with one’s phone: things like secrecy when it comes to phone calls or text messages, having a lock on their phone and keeping a dating profile active ‘for validation’ are a few issues you may notice. While everyone is entitled to a level of privacy, if you notice that this is happening with frequency then you may have a problem.

The effects of an emotional affair may actually root themselves a lot deeper than a physical one. Trust is obviously violated in both instances but with emotional cheating, you or your partner has created a bond with another person outside of your relationship; the thing that makes your relationship romantic and special is given to someone else and that can take a lot more to come back from than if it was merely physical contact. Self-esteem and confidence can be ruined through emotional betrayal and can lead to the demise of the relationship: forgiveness can become a lot more difficult in these cases.

With our access to the internet through laptops, and smart phones, emotional cheating has become something that can happen with a lot more ease. When it was at one time based, for example, in the workplace, it has become a mobile option now meaning it has become all the more popular. And because social networking has found it’s way into our everyday lives, there is a lot more normality attached to instant messaging. Everything has become a lot easier with the progress in communications.

So, can it be fixed? That question is yours and yours alone to answer. Sometimes it can cause an irreconcilable split but other times it can strengthen a relationship – it all depends on who is involved. It might be a sign that either you or your partner is not getting the attention and love you want so you have to look elsewhere for it. It is something that can definitely be worked through, if you feel the relationship is worth saving.

Source from: by Bobby Box

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