7 Lessons To Be Learned From Failed Relationships

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The end of a relationship can be devastating. It is so easy in the tough times to think about all of the negative outcomes of a situation: what did I do wrong? How could I have done better? How much time did I waste?
But these thoughts aren’t productive, and certainly won’t make you feel better. Instead of dwelling in the negative, try to think about it this way: a failed relationship is a learning opportunity. It is a chance to understand something about yourself that you didn’t before. Here are seven things that you can, specifically, learn from any failed relationship.

7. You make you happy

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If you’ve just spent a long time with another person, it can be tough to remember the things that you can do to make yourself happy. But the truth is that if you don’t know how to make you happy, no one else will. What is it that will bring you joy, no matter what?

6. “You time” is important

Source: Thinkstock/Wavebreakmedia Ltd

Source: Thinkstock/Wavebreakmedia Ltd

Coming out of a relationship, it’s easy to feel lonely. But take this opportunity to get back in touch with yourself and what it’s like to be all you all the time. Your dreams and aspirations, your hobbies and habits, this kind of “you time” is ultimately productive for cultivating a healthy relationship with yourself.

5. You control you

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As much as we would like to be able to change the world, the only thing that you can completely control is yourself and your own choices. You can’t control another person, you can’t make their choices for them, and you can’t tell them what is right and/or wrong. They have to figure all of that out for themselves.