5 Things Boyfriends Are Kinda Obligated to Do but Don’t Want To

Relationships are tough enough as they are in this day and age. It’s a constant battle of trying to care less and avoiding the feels, pre-relationship status. So if you’ve made it through the sea of laughably awkward bar encounters and pretty questionnable Tinder dates, props to you! Some say that it’s not getting into the relationship with a decent human being that’s the tough part, but the maintenance of a long term relationship that is. Anyway, here are 5 little things that boyfriends should do for their girl even though they probably don’t want to!

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1. Permitting the inevidable closet-raid

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You’ll notice that the longer you date a girl (or guy), the less clothes you’ll have in your closet… and the more clothes she wears that are a little ill-fitting and looking awfully familiar. Sure, she may have seven flannel shirts, but of course she wants yours specifically. And naturally, she’ll get around to nabbing that favorite sweatshirt of yours. This is a fact. Sorry not sorry.

2. Picking up tampons

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For many guys, this is probably the most embarrassing thing they could possibly purchase at a store, but in emergency situations, this isn’t debatable. Time to head down the aisle at the store, with the picture she sent you on your phone and try to find the box with the same packaging. Ten bonus points if you also pick up her fave kind of chocolate or ice cream while you’re at it.

3. Becoming the personal plumber, bug squasher, electrician, etc.

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You’ll be alerted by a loud scream or a panicked phone call/text. Clogged toilet, broken light bulb, massive spider in the kitchen… This one’s probably on you, bud. Best of luck.

4. Hating the same person

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There’s the girl in her group project who a slacker by definition, there’s the co-worker who chews loudly at their desk, and there’s the friend that your girlfriend is technically friends with, but lowkey hates. If she hates them, you hate them too. Obviously, you don’t have to take your dislike to the same level, but simply hearing her out and a couple of nods and “yeah”s can solidify the fact you’ve got her back.

5. Sephora trips

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What does “eyebrows on fleek” even mean? What exactly is “strobing” and why would you ever want to “beat” your face?! It’s okay if you don’t know the details. It’s impressive if you know what a matte lipstick looks like. Regardless, don’t be that guy who waits outside of Sephora. Head on in! Pro tip: Sephora offers a men’s skin care and cologne section you can comfortably hang out around. Just be warned that one of the Sephora employees may try to upsell you some kind of fragrance or a Clarasonic Mia.

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