17 Things He Wants Most But Will Never Tell You

sexy man with finger on lips keeping a secret

Sometimes men are pretty clear about what they want. They don’t often play games, and if they don’t tell you what they want, it’s almost obvious by their actions. However, there are plenty of things that men want that they won’t talk about, simply because they know it’s a social faux pas or they’re afraid of how you’ll react. Here are 17 things he wants, but will never, ever talk about.

17. He Wants the Sex to Be Dirtier


Most guys like dirty sex. Like, really dirty, roll around on the floor, tear your clothes off, can-barely-move-afterwards sex. But the last thing you’ll hear come out of his mouth is that you’re not kinky enough. Surprise him with a romp in the sheets that will knock his socks off, or ask him what his fantasy is and do your best to play it out.

When you get to know how men operate and begin to anticipate what they want without them having to tell you (because let’s face it, guys don’t communicate well at all), your relationship will improve by leaps and bounds.

16. He Wants More Sex

handsome man is unfastening the bra for the woman

Guys always want more sex. Always. He’s just not going to tell you because he doesn’t want you to feel forced into it. So just offer already!

15. He Wants You to Spend More Time With Your Friends

Happy shopping woman with a group of friends at the background

While women tend to think that men want to be away from them when they go out with their friends, just the opposite is true for men. He loves it when you go out with your girlfriends! Women have emotional needs that can really only be met by other women, and when you go shopping with your gal pals or get together for dinner and a night out on the town, you’re a much better girlfriend to him. Plus, it’s less likely that he’ll have to be your shopping buddy because while he’s down with going into Victoria’s Secret, he doesn’t want to be caught dead in Claire’s.

14. He Wants You to Do What Makes You Happy

4-17-Things-He-Wants-But-Will_never-Tell-You-Happy (Copy)

Although most guys will happily listen to their partners’ issues and offer support when needed, what they really want is just for women to do whatever it is that is going to make them happy. Want to change jobs? Go for it! You already have his stamp of approval, because frankly, he’s a little tired of listening to the complaints.

13. He Wants You to Play Video Games With Him

Young couple playing video games in the living room

Nerdy guys who love playing video games secretly dream of sharing that hobby with their girl. He wants you to be his comrade, and wants to run through the woods shooting bad guys with you. If you play with him even every once in awhile, it will bring you so much closer together as a couple. Plus, he needs a healer.

12. He Wants You to Wear Less Makeup

Smiling woman with dark hair looking at camera

Although society teaches women that they shouldn’t even leave the house without makeup, it’s really only for their own benefit. Most guys prefer the way a woman looks without makeup, and would rather you wear less as opposed to more. But he’s not going to say so, because he knows that women and makeup is a pretty touchy subject.

11. He Wants to Chase You – But Not For It to Be Impossible


Guys like the chase, but it frustrates them to no end when it’s nearly impossible to make a catch. If he’s chasing you, slow down every once in awhile and let him catch up.

10. He Wants You to Make the First Move

8-17-Things-He-Wants-But-Will-Never-Tell-You-FirstMove (Copy)

It may be tradition that the man leads the way in the bedroom, but he doesn’t necessarily want it to be that way. He loves it when you make the first move sometimes, however, he doesn’t want to offend you by asking.

9. He Wants You to Order Dessert

Woman at a restaurant eating a dessert

He knows you want the chocolate cake. Hell, he wants the chocolate cake. And he doesn’t want you “just having one bite” from his, because he knows he’ll have to part with half of it or more. He’d rather you just order your own, so you can both have cake. He doesn’t care if it goes to your thighs.