15 Interracial Celeb Couples That Give Us All the Feels

15 Interracial ... Couples Feels - 11. Cuba Gooding Jr. And Sara Karfer - 1

We’ve come a long way. Historically, people of color were segregated and often targeted (like Martin Luther King Jr or Rosa Parks), but today, we’re seeing more and more interracial couples and quite frankly, it’s a beautiful thing. Before, these interracial couples and marriages would be frowned upon and disallowed. But love has no boundaries, and race is certainly no longer one of them.

15 Interracial ... Couples Feels - 3 Mcconaughey and Camila Alves- 1

Check out these famous celebrities who have a SO of a different race! Admittedly, some of these interracial couples didn’t last, but quite a handful of them are happily married, making us totally jelly. Seriously, they’re so adorable together, even the dead-est of people will find their hearts pumping.