10 Personality Traits Of People Who Make Great Partners

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It takes a certain person to excel at being a fantastic partner. Relationships are a skill, and like any skill, being a good partner can come easier for some than for others. There are definitely certain personality facets which make cultivating good, stable, healthy, long-lasting relationships seem like a breeze to people who have them. If you’re wondering why this relationship stuff is a bit more difficult for you than it seems to be for others, have a look at these ten qualities that people who are great at relationships definitely have! See how you match up and, if you’re not excelling in certain areas that you’d like to be, you know where to start working on yourself to make you the best you can be!

10. They give freely

10 Personality Traits of People Who Make Great Partners -They give freely - 10 (Copy)

Giving to others is not just the gift that keeps on giving, but also the gift that gives back. Making someone feel loved and special is a matter of making them understand that you give to them because you want to, not because you have to. And giving freely will also make the other person want to reciprocate in kind; a kind heart encourages that kindness in others.

9. They listen

Source: Thinkstock/ gpointstudio

Source: Thinkstock/ gpointstudio

Really listening, even when you aren’t hearing what you want to hear, is a skill that makes any relationship stronger. People are attracted to those who understand them, and this understanding comes from an ability to listen and hear someone express themselves. Cultivating listening skills is a great way to ensure that those closest to you feel appreciated and understood.