The Top 10 MLB Starting Pitchers for Both Leagues to Keep Your Eye On

Starting pitching is the hottest commodity in baseball. If you have great starting pitching, you have a team that will contend. Just ask the New York Mets, a team that really doesn’t have a lot of offense but still found themselves in the World Series a season ago. Also, ask them about how tough it is to keep up with the Washington Nationals when Matt Harvey and Jacob deGrom are both having down years and Steven Matz has a sore elbow.

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So who are the best starting pitchers in each league? Who are the guys who will lead their teams to the postseason? Or at least have their teams in contention for the post season? Here is our list of the top ten in both the American League and the National League. If you like baseball and a good debate, then this list is for you. Of course, with any top ten or twenty list, someone had to be left out. You could make a case for several great pitchers who did not make our list, such as Jacob deGrom, Dallas Keuchel, Steven Wright, Adam Wainright, John Lackey and others. But we think we came up with a pretty accurate list here. Enjoy.