The Top 12 NFL Stars Who Won’t Make the Hall of Fame but Deserve To

The Hall of Fame is indeed the ultimate form of recognition of the achievements, accomplishments and ability of a player to execute at the highest level of competition. Great cities like Canton, Cooperstown, Ohio, New York, Toronto, Springfield and Massachusetts house some of these shrines to legends both old and young. For a player to be in the Hall of Fame, they have to be extraordinary in a way to show outstanding performance and record breaking results. The Hall of Fame features listings of extraordinary players across the board.

The Hall of Fame also acts as a platform for generations to come together and learn about the past, appreciate the present and look forward to a greater future. It is a great milestone in one’s career to make it to the Hall of Fame. Unfortunately, it is not always the case that the best players make it to the HOF. It might be due to too few home runs or inadequate rebounds, a bad injury or a cheating scandal which keeps the stars out of halls. The following list shows the top 12 NFL players who will never make the Hall Of Fame but deserve to.