The Top 10 Most Feared MLB Hitters in Each League for 2016

Who are the American and National League’s most feared hitters? Are they the ones pitchers are most afraid will embarrass them by hitting one into the upper deck? Or are they the ones pitchers just cannot keep off of the bases? That probably depends on the pitchers one would ask. So coming up with an accurate list would require the writer to poll a large percentage of Major League Baseball pitchers and ask them who they least like facing in different situations, such as early in games, with men on base, in a one-run game, or when you are pitching a no-hitter or a shutout.

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For instance, you are in a tight game with a man on second, Giancarlo Stanton worries you, but maybe not as much as someone with less pop, but seems to always get a hit with runners in scoring position. Someone like Jose Altuve.

But for the purposes of this article, we will assume the most feared hitters are the ones most likely to hit a moonshot into the upper deck and put three runs on the board. So, these are the hitters pitchers will try not to walk the guys in front of them, because they want these guys to come up to bat with the bases empty.

We will count them down from #10 to #1. Most of you will disagree with the order, but at least we hope you like the selections.