The 15 Worst NFL Head Coaches Ever!

15. Marion Campbell

Marion is most definitely among the 15 worst NFL head coaches ever. In Marion’s career, he only had 34 wins in a possible 134 outcomes. This must be a record somewhere. Well, he has a record of leading a professional NFL team for over 100 games with very few wins and not getting sacked.

He wasn’t bad as a defensive coach but if you wanted to see things falling apart, all you had to do was give him the head coach job. His good would suddenly become his worst. Between 1974 and 1976 he led the Atlanta Falcons to 6-19. Its still a wonder how he managed to show his face around the arena knowing he won very few games and lost so many more. He is one of those coaches that makes you ask yourself how they remained in employment even after all those poor performances.