The 15 Worst NFL Head Coaches Ever!

Coaching is like a calling. The fact that you have some ideas about a sport or a game doesn’t automatically qualify you to be a good coach. It also looks rather easy to coach an NFL team but as the professionals say, it is just as hard as reaching the goal line while being pulled back by some other forces. It requires dedication, commitment, and patience, an eye for unique talent, creativity and risk taking.

In fact it’s just like running a business only that the business is more physical and you’re under the scrutiny of all the fans. In the history of the NFL, there have been some really bad coaches to this good game. I mean, as a coach you would at least try to limit or equalize the number of games lost to the number of games won, but if the loss number goes higher than the games won, it really is bad. Others even have a record of having the most games played without a single win. Here are some of the historically noted coaches that were very good at being very bad at the job.