Ranking the First Round Quarterbacks in the Last 10 Drafts

First round quarterbacks… is there a riskier proposition in all of American sports than drafting a quarterback in the first round? In the NBA Drafts, a lot of teams have been burned drafting big time college centers, but if you look back on it, a lot of teams have done really well doing the same. But drafting a QB in the first round seems like it is almost like throwing a draft pick away. When the Los Angeles Rams traded up to draft Jared Goff with the first pick, fans in St. Louis were probably suddenly glad they left their city.

What were they thinking? Have they not been paying attention over the last decade? Then the Philadelphia Eagles did the same thing to take Carson Wentz. What? That’s not to say both of these guys will turn out to be draft busts, but surely there were more reliable players in this draft. Nobody is a sure thing in a draft, but it would seem a guy like Jalen Ramsey or Vernon Hargreaves is more likely to become an NFL star than Jared Goff. In our opinion, the best quarterback in this draft was Paxton Lynch.

Now, in fairness to the Rams and Eagles, there are some great NFL QBs who were picked in the first round. Aaron Rodgers, Cam Newton, Andrew Luck, Matthew Stafford, etc. all picked in round one. Peyton Manning was too, and so was Eli. But then again, you look at Tom Brady, Russell Wilson, and Tony Romo, and you think maybe building a team around a quarterback first and drafting one later might be the way to go.

You get a guy in the later rounds, surround him with great players and coaches (OK, Dallas fans, stop laughing), and you may really have something. When you look at the quarterbacks taken in the first round over the last ten NFL Drafts, you have to think “Whoa, who are the geniuses making these decisions?” But, it’s really not that easy. When you look at this list of busts, remember, a lot of these guys won national championships and Heisman Trophies in college football. But translating their talents to the NFL was perhaps the toughest transition in sports. That’s why we hate what the Rams and Eagles did in this season’s draft. Hopefully, it will work out for at least one of them. Here is the rankings, worst to first, of the last ten seasons.