15 of the Worst NBA Picks at Every First-Round Spot Since 2000

Source: bleacherreport

Source: fansided.com

Undeniably, we have learned one crucial lesson from the defending NBA champion, Golden State Warriors. They have taught us that the best way to develop a sustainable contender is through the draft. The core of that team were all successful Warriors draft picks, and their appearance on the roster has all but made sure the Dubs will be in hunt for major titles for many years to come.

However, shrewdly selecting four franchise cornerstones is easier said than done. In fact, many teams hoping to select franchise-changers eventually find themselves really disappointed. Therefore, when determining the worst pick at every slot, we need to majorly focused on three stats: player efficiency rating, games played and win shares per 48 minutes. Additionally, other raw stats such as points and rebounds per game may be considered too. With that said, here are the 15 worst first overall draft picks ever: