What’s the Perfect Time of Day to Lose Weight?

So there have been billions of methods to lose weight that you’ve read about, and the majority of these don’t even work right? Well, new research suggests that by eating at certain times of the day is the best way to lose weight. Apparently, eating between 8 am and 2 pm can help you lose weight more easily.

Researchers used 11 participants in their study of time-restricted feeding, and observed how their bodies reacted by eating between 8 am and 8 pm and also between 8 am and 2 pm. When participants didn’t eat after 2 pm, their cravings were reduced, their appetites were more level, and they burned fat faster. Their metabolic flexibility – being able to switch between burning fat and burning carbs – also improved significantly.

Researchers noted that the body’s internal clock is more efficient in the morning and metabolism is therefore at its optimal functioning then too. While most Americans eat throughout a 12 hour day, by reducing this window, they can level their appetite and lose weight easier. If you are prone to low blood pressure, you could try to lessen your ‘eating hours’ by less so as not to be fasting for 18 hours.

If this kind of commitment just isn’t for you (guilty!) you can just reduce the amount you eat in the evening, or try to eat healthier in the evening!

Sourced from: sheknows.com

Featured Image: Deposit Photos/ belchonock