Watch the Moment this Family Hears Their Son’s Heart Beat in Another Man’s Chest

Vietnam veteran Tom Meeks has been waiting three years for a heart transplant. According to KARE 11 News, in April 2011, doctors diagnosed Meeks with a rare heart condition called amyloidosis, and told him there was no chance of survival without the transplant. While living in Washington State, Meeks applied and was rejected five times before passing tests to be allowed onto a waiting list for a heart transplant. He eventually found himself on the Mayo Clinic‘s waiting list in Rochester, Minnesota, so Meeks and his wife packed their bags, moved across the country and did the only thing they could do – wait.

Eight months ago, in March 2014, Meeks received the call he had so desperately been waiting for – they had found him a heart.

Sadly, the Heisler family also received a call, telling them their son, Matthew Heisler, 21, had been killed in a house fire.

“I was sitting on the steps and I heard my dad say, ‘Are you sure it’s Matt?'” Casey Heisler said. “I thought I was dreaming.”

As it turns out, when Matthew was only 16 years-old, he signed up to become a registered organ donor, and while he sadly did not escape the fire, he has gone on to help 60 others survive.

Now, eight months after his death, the Heisler family are able to listen to Matthew’s heart beat inside of Tom’s chest for the first time.

KARE 11 News was there to film the meeting, as the Heisler family believed in the importance of bringing awareness to organ donation. After losing their first-born child Alicia at the age of four due to a heart defect, this is an issue that is extremely close to the family, and they agreed to this story in order to get the message out about giving the gift of life.

Meeks told the news station: “I woke up this morning and told Matt that ‘mum and dad is coming today’.”

Watch the emotional meeting and learn more about how to become an organ donor here: