The Easiest Ways To Get Protein Into Your Vegetarian Diet!

Bowl of peanut butter and peanuts on wooden background

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If you have a vegetarian diet, or you are just trying to cut down on meat, sometimes your protein levels might not be what they need to be. If this is the case, there are actually some really easy ways to get more into your diet without even noticing.

– Use nut butters

Whether it’s on your morning toast, or it’s in your smoothies, you can add a spoon of nut butter to increase your protein intake. This can be peanut butter or any other nut butter like almond. Just be sure there is no added salts, sugars, or hydrogenated oils.

– Use Hummus as your dip

If you’re snacking on some veggie sticks, or even chips, using hummus as a dip is a great source of protein. Made from chickpeas, you can get so many different flavors in the supermarket, or make it yourself at home!

 – Add egg whites

If you’re not gone on the taste of eggs,you can mix egg whites into your meals instead. Each egg white contains about 3.6 grams of protein so adding it to your oatmeal, or pasta dishes not only boosts your protein intake, it will help you to stay fuller too! For your convenience too you can buy cartons of egg whites in the supermarket. Just be careful of the additives they might contain.

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– Switch cream for Greek yogurt

While it might not be the most popular food on its own, Greek yogurt can act as a replacement for cream. It is not only higher in protein, but it’s lower in fat too. Use it for sour cream, mayonnaise, and baking!

– Replace cheese with nutritional yeast

If you’re a vegan – this is the cheese substitute you need. Nutritional yeast is a deactivated yeast and has a nutty/ cheesy flavor to it. It’s high in vitamin and mineral content as well as in fiber and protein. Instead of sprinkling cheese or butter on your popcorn, try this instead!