How You Know You Should Go To The Eye Doctor!

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Some people have problems with getting their eyes poked around, or just booking and making a doctor’s appointment can be more effort than you’re willing to put in! The problem is though, if you don’t get regular check ups, you’re putting yourself at risk of infections, further medical problems and even blindness! There are some reasons that signify that you really should get yourself to the doctor so here you go!

– You’ve constantly got a Headache

Sometimes headaches can be attributed to dehydration or to stress, but if you have a constant headache that you just cannot shake, it’s time to visit your eye doctor. Eye doctors can pinpoint what the cause is: it could be from staring at your computer screen for too long, being exposed to overly bright lights or in more severe cases, your headaches could be linked to long-sightedness or glaucoma. You may need to get glasses or medication and your eye doctor can send you in the right direction.

– You’ve got an infection

If you have an infection, it should be the first thing on your priority list to get to the doctor! You will probably need a dose of antibiotics, and the only way you can get these is through a prescription. The symptoms of eye infections include discharge from the eye, sensitivity to light, redness, and blurred vision. The sooner you catch your infection, the quicker it will clear up so get yourself to the doctor!

– You’re always squinting

Squinting to make out the writing on your screen, or in your book or newspaper, or to try make out the street signs while you’re driving, is not only a terrible idea for your crow’s feet, it can be a signal of something much worse! By squinting, you change the shape of the eye, letting in less light so you can focus more easily. You probably need glasses if this has become your life!

– Diabetes is an issue

If you have diabetes, or it is something that runs in your family you should be aware of the problems associated with spiking blood sugar levels. You should also be aware of the issues associated with vision and diabetes. If you don’t have diabetes, and you still have problems with your vision, an eye test might find diabetes before a medical test does, or before any other symptoms show themselves, so get yourself down to the eye doctor!

Sourced from: by Carolyn Steber