Hemp Seeds Are Awesome For You And Here’s Why

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Many of us know that introducing seeds and grains into our diet can be extremely beneficial to our overall health and wellbeing. While flax seems to be the superstar seed these days, we shouldn’t forget about his cousin: the hemp seed.

Some people worry that because hemp seeds come from the Cannabis sativa (marijuana) plant, they will experience a feeling of being ‘high’. This is most certainly not the case, as the seeds contain very little THC which is the main ingredient in producing this effect.

In reality, hemp seeds are considered one of nature’s perfect foods. Raw hemp provides our bodies with an array of health benefits, helping with everything from improving our immune system, weight loss, recovery from injury or disease, or just helping to boost our mood.

Here are a few reasons why hemp seeds are amazing, and how they can benefit you.

Lowered Blood Pressure and Improved Heart Health

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Hemp seeds contain high levels of essential fatty acids, like omega-3 and omega -6, which help to reduce blood cholesterol and heart disease. These fatty acids also help to reduce inflammation that can lead to poor blood circulation and high blood pressure; essentially giving your heart a rest from working so hard.

Weight Loss

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Hemp is a natural appetite suppressant, so using a few tablespoons in your food will make you feel fuller for longer. Along with reducing cravings for your favorite foods, hemp will help boost your energy so you can get outside and go for that run you keep putting off.

The Prevention of Cancer

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Hemp contains many antioxidants that can help reduce your risk of breast, prostate and colon cancers. It’s also an excellent source of iron and fiber so it’ll keep your digestive tract in great working order, as well as being a good source of protein for vegetarians or people with nut allergies. In short, hemp seeds will make you feel strong and healthy.

Recommended Intake

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The recommended minimum daily intake of hemp seeds is 42 grams, or about four heaping tablespoons. Put them in your baked goods or sprinkle them over cereal, yogurt or just about anything! Alternatively, you could use hemp seed oil in things like salad dressings, dips or pasta sauces.

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