Healthy Bites That Are Taking Snacking to a Whole New Level

We all need that mid-day pick-me-up to power through until the end of the day. For convenience’s sake, it’s not uncommon to find ourselves indulging in snacking at less-ideal places (i.e. the local fast food joint). But healthy snacking can satisfy your cravings, boost your energy and provide nutrients to your body, instead of consuming empty calories!

Check out this guide with a few recipes on some healthy snack ideas that’ll bring your munching game to the next level!

1. Real fruit yoghurt popsicles

yoghurt popsicle (Copy)Source: cookieandkate

We’re just going to go ahead and kick things off with an alternative to everybody’s all time favourite. Swap out that tub of Ben and Jerry’s icecream for homemade yoghurt popsicles! With the hottest days of the summer rapidly approaching, the cravings for something cold and sweet will become increasingly real. All you really need is a tub of your favorite kind of yoghurt (plain, Greek, peach, whatever!), some popsicle molds (easily found at grocery stores or dollar stores), berries or other fruit, a blender and a couple of hours of waiting while they’re in the freezer. You’ll be satisfying that sweet tooth and cutting your calorie consumption drastically. Check out this recipe.

2. Home-made baked beet chips

beet chip (Copy)Source: tofufortwo

Okay, there’s really nothing like digging into a nice full bag of chips. But when you’re on a trek to being more health-conscious and nutrionally-aware, beets are going to become your food BFF. Beets are delicious in salads, but they’re even more delightful in chip form! You can easily make this crispy snack in the comfort of your own kitchen, while knowing exactly what is being put into it – a total of 4 ingredients. This recipe is great for an immediate snack, but you can also make some extra and it’s a great munchable to pop into your bag to take to work or to classes. (Sweet potato chips are also awesome, if beets aren’t entirely your thing!)

3. Baked kale chips

kale chips baked (Copy)Source: turningground

Along the same theme, kale chips are a personal favourite. As everyone knows, kale is one of the ultimate healthy foods and has gained rapid popularly over the past few years. The best part of this recipe has got to be either that satisfying crunch (when you cook them just right) or the fact that you can adjust the flavor to suit your preferences. This recipe makes it pretty hard to stop munching at just a few, but luckily, they contain a whole lot of nutrients and it’s made with olive oil, so it’s 100% good for you.

4. Smoothie bowl

chia seed smoothie (Copy)Source: healthygirl

This one’s great for a snack, or even as breakfast to start your day off right. You can really put whatever you want into it – ideally fruit that’s in season, plus some oats and yoghurt. Top off this beauty with some chia or flax seeds and you’re all set. Time to power up that blender once more and hop onto this smoothie in a bowl trend. Obviously you can pop it into another container of choice if you’re on the go. If you’re feeling an avocado/pomegranite/cashew mashup, be sure to check this recipe out and fall in love instanteously. Make sure to snap an Instagram/Snapchat worthy pic before you indulge though!

5. Classic avo toast

avo toast (Copy)Source: seriouseats

Hands down, this is probably the easiest (yet among the most delicious and satisfying) snack you can possibly make. Honestly, you don’t even need a recipe. Multi-grain or whole wheat toast is a must, and simply cut and mash up your avo to the consistency you like, spread it on the toast, and add some toppings if you like. This is great if haven’t done your groceries for the week –  whatever’s in your fridge will probably work (radishes, smoked salmon, an egg, etc.).