Green Coffee Beans: Miracle or Snake Oil?


Once Dr. Oz gets his cameras on something, you know that it is the hot item of the season. This is how the green coffee bean got so much attention, and the rise of the secret weight loss miracle cure that followed seemed inevitable to most. Weight loss fads come and go, but when a big name in the industry like Dr. Oz stops and takes something seriously, even those who often think they know better will stop and consider the evidence for and against.

Green coffee beans became popular in the early fall season of 2012, when Dr. Oz introduced them to a national audience. Quickly following, the green coffee beans started to pop up in energy drinks, pill form and even at Starbucks. But what is the green coffee bean, and does it actually help promote weight loss?

When someone refers to green coffee beans, they are usually referring to the extract. The beans themselves come from the raw or unroasted seeds of the coffee plant. To create the dark brown espresso beans that we know and love certain chemicals in the beans are reduced. However, when the beans are roasted in another way and the chemicals are retained they remain their natural green color. It is the chlorogenic acid that helps retain the beans green color that is also associated with weight loss.

There is some body of research that indicates that chlorogenic acid is a fat blocker, which means that it reduces the absorption of fat into the body. Typically when you eat, nutrients like fat are dissipated into the blood stream and the body absorbs them at a regulated rate. Foods that are high in fat will cause the body to absorb more fat, while nutrient dense foods will deliver more nutrients into the blood stream. When fat absorption is inhibited, nutrients continue to be absorbed, but fat is excreted from the body in a natural bowel movement.

The problem with the studies which have proclaimed evidence of green coffee beans being a fat absorption blocker is that they were all short term, meaning that while they might have tracked on some weight loss, they were not able to prove that the weight loss was sustainable. As soon as the coffee beans were removed from the diet, it is likely that the weight returned. Without making permanent lifestyle changes to your diet and exercise habits it is not possible to lose and maintain weight loss.

This is the trouble that many people have when trying popular fads like the green coffee beans. There are always going to be people who try these weight loss cures, and some of those individuals will honestly lose weight. Often, it is not the miracle cure that inspired the weight loss, but the decision to also diet and exercise while using the product. If you want to lose weight, don’t rely on snake oils that aren’t telling you the truth. Focus on eating healthier by increasing the fruits and vegetables in your diet, drinking plenty of water and cutting out empty calories from sugary drinks, and exercising at least five times every week.

Green Coffee Beans to Lose Weight