Chinese Man Makes Horrifying Discovery after Eating Contaminated Sashimi

  • Sushi Lover’s body becomes infested with worms after eating some contaminated sushi

  • It has been reported that such cases have increased because of the popularity of sushi 

  • Scroll down for a video on tapeworms and how they use the human body as a host.


Not quite sure what the image above is showing? Well, you better read on to find out! In what comes as the grossest news of the day, a Chinese man who went to the doctor complaining of itchy skin and stomach pains made one horrifying discovery.

Before you read on it’s crucial that you prepare yourself for a world of ickyness. If that’s what you’re in the mood for, then by all means, keep reading…

According to Mail Online, the doctor carried out a multitude of tests and scans on the man and discovered that his body had become riddled with tapeworms. Yes, you read that right, TAPEWORMS. Throughout. His. Body. Take a moment to process that if you need it, I know I did.

Check out the image below, if you think you can stomach it!


Doctors believe that the man must have become infected after eating some sashimi that was contaminated. According to research, eating raw or undercooked fish can lead to various parasitic infections. All round tragic news for sushi lovers everywhere.

So, are you going to think twice before ordering your favorite uncooked fish at your local sushi restaurant? Honestly, I’m torn!

If you want to learn more about tapeworms and contaminated food, click on the video below.

How the Tape Worm Uses Our Body as a Host