5 Small Ways To Make Your Morning Healthier

When was the last time you felt like you had a good, relaxed, healthy morning before starting your day? Chances are it’s been awhile. That’s because too often we hit the snooze button about 8 times before actually waking up, and then when do, we probably check Facebook, Instagram and any other social media distraction or email account while still in bed.


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Shockingly, that’s not a great way to start the morning. You might also be one who has a bad habit of skipping breakfast, applying mascara whilst zipping up your pants and running out the door  — to the point where your mornings are uber stressful. If this sounds like you, breathe, put down your half-eaten granola bar and relax. But if you’re so lucky that you wake up and have a stress-free morning every day with an annoying glowing, refreshed smile on your face, that’s nice for you. But if you’re like most normal humans, here are 9 little ways to make your morning a little healthier.

1. Put Your Phone Or Alarm Clock A Good Distance From Your Bed

This might sound really difficult since most of us have an unnerving obsession with checking our phones (which, be honest, are probably used as most of our alarm clocks) as well as hitting snooze multiple times. But it’s something you should stop doing because according to Corrie Pikul at the Huffington Post, hitting snooze causes sleep inertia, which is when your body and brain are awoken suddenly, causing grogginess and weakening your motor skills.

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Apparently the snooze button can cause sleep inertia to last for two hours after your finally get out of bed. The vicious loop keeps happening when you hit snooze over and over, shocking your brain and body awake. Try leaving your phone or alarm clock (if you’re archaic) across the room before you fall asleep. It’s such a good trick because you’re actually forced out of your bed to turn the damn thing off. And it might actually hinder you from checking all your social media accounts and email which, let’s be honest, isn’t really necessary first thing in the morning.

2. Drink A Glass Of Water Right Away

It sounds really arbitrary, but drinking a glass of water when you first get up is really beneficial. Good old H20 in the morning will re-hydrate you, can help boost metabolism, amp your brain, flush out toxins and even perk up your appetite a bit.


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Just leave a glass of water by your bed so that it’s there for your groggy brain first thing after stumbling across the room to shut your phone off. And if you like lemon water — who doesn’t really –adding a slice is always good and can help with digestion as well as contributing to various other health benefits.

3. Stretch It Out

I know it’s not something that most people just can’t wait to do in the morning, but stretching in the a.m. has been shown to give a mental release, increase flexibility and allow for a larger range of movement,  relieves tension, and helps improve posture.

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Even if you do a couple basic yoga poses — say sun salutations — in the morning before you start your day will be incredible for your back and give you a bit more energy.

4. Sprinkle Some Cinnamon In Your Coffee

Whether you drink your coffee black as night or sweeten the hell out of it plus add a bunch of cream, adding cinnamon is surprisingly good for you and really appealing. Who doesn’t love cinnamon?

The delicious-smelling spice is a natural way to sweeten your coffee (maybe try it instead of sugar — try it!) and can help also manage blood sugar levels, boost your immune system, help with congestion and minimize cravings. Who knew that cinnamon was so awesome?

5. Read Something – But Not On Your Phone

As mentioned before, checking Instagram and Facebook or Twitter on our phones in the morning has become the norm instead of reading an actual newspaper. But what you might not realize is that looking at your phone as soon as you wake up will probably stress you out. Too many opinions, cat videos and annoying statuses to deal with.



Instead of going on your phone when you’re sipping your coffee, try reading a good book in the morning. If you have an actual newspaper on hand, read that if you don’t have a book. Reading stimulates the brain, reduces stress, improves memory and focus, and it’s nice and relaxing.

Following these 5 simple tips will make your morning that much healthier and enjoyable. Try them tomorrow morning — you won’t regret it!