18 Ways You’re Sleeping All Wrong

Imagine waking up every morning feeling rested and relaxed. While this may seem impossible, you can feel great every morning by changing just a bit of your routine. To get started, learn about the 18 ways you’re sleeping incorrectly and how to fix it immediately!

18. Not Enough Time

Sub 1 not enough

This may seem obvious, but the number one cause of tiredness is a lack of sleep. While you may think that six hours is enough each night, you may accrue a sleep debt that leaves you feeling tired and groggy throughout the day. To achieve everything you want to with a clear and energetic mind, aim for a minimum of seven hours of sleep a night to avoid eventual fatigue.

17. Varying Sleep Schedules

Sub 2 Schedule

It can be difficult, and not to mention boring, sleeping and awaking at the same hour each day. However, drastically varying schedules can make it more difficult to fall asleep at night while also minimizing your productivity during the day. Try not to sleep in excessively on the weekends, and during the week, try not to stay up until 2 a.m. watching videos. It can be a hard habit to stop once you’ve gotten into it, but you will get a better quality of sleep if you have a more consistent schedule.

16. Alcohol Nightcaps

Sub 3 drinking

Moderate alcohol consumption is ok, and having some on the weekends is perfectly normal, but regularly consuming wine or beer before bed can disrupt your sleeping patterns. As a diuretic, it may cause you to wake up and head to the bathroom throughout the night. It is also dehydrating which can hinder your deep sleep, and due to alcohol’s depressing effects, it may hinder memory formation as well. While moderation is important for a number of health reasons, you are guaranteed a better sleep by avoiding alcohol right before bed!

15. Eating Then Sleeping

Sub 4 Eating

If you want a quality rest, try to avoid eating three hours before sleeping. Even a small piece of chocolate can cause you to toss and turn in the middle of the night. Of course, sleeping on an empty stomach is no good either, but you can choose healthier sleep-foods that won’t disrupt your slumber. Some healthy choices are bananas, milk, or Greek yogurt. Choose foods that are high in vitamins and protein to help you sleep peacefully.

14. Electronics Before Bed

Sub 5 reading

Ideally, you should avoid electronics and bright lights before bed. This includes laptops, cell phones, tablets, and televisions. Not only can electronics distract you and keep you awake longer than planned, but they can also hinder deep REM sleep later in the night. To help you unwind, try reading a novel or magazine instead. This will help you to get tired without too much artificial stimulation, and if you’re reading in bed, you will likely fall asleep very quickly!

13. Too Much Natural Light

Sub 6 light

LED light isn’t the only thing keeping you awake. In fact, natural light and street lights can keep you from entering deep sleep, and the early morning sun can minimize your rest as well. To combat this, try installing black-out shades over your windows to keep your room dark and cool. You can also use a sleep mask, but stopping the light at its source is a better option.

12. Too Hot in Your Room

Sub 7 hot

Sleeping when it’s too hot can cause you to toss and turn while also losing out on precious REM sleep. This is because your body naturally releases melatonin when it’s cooler. When it’s too warm, your body spends more energy trying to cool down instead of helping you to sleep. Try opening some windows or sleeping in the nude to help your body rest at an optimal temperature.

11. Too Cold in Your Room

Sub 8 cold

However, sleeping in a room that’s too cold can hinder your sleep while also increasing your chances of catching a cold. Sleeping in a room that’s about 66 degrees is ideal for regulating your metabolism while also allowing you to safely fall asleep. Instead of becoming too hot with large blankets, try to utilize thinner sheets so that your body is warm but not excessively hot.

10. An Uncomfortable Pillow

Sub 9 Uncomfordable

Your pillow can greatly influence your sleep quality. An ideal pillow will support your neck so that your spine is straight while you sleep. A pillow that’s too fluffy can cause your head to sink, and this may lead to grogginess, stiffness, and a headache the following day. However, too firm of a pillow will minimize support while risking discomfort. Since everyone’s different, your best bet is to try multiple pillows before settling on the one that’s right for you. As a bonus, make sure these pillows have a full-refund policy!