15 Foods You Should Be Avoiding

17 Foods You Should be Avoiding - Article Introduction

Take a walk down the center aisle of your local grocery store and you are going to be bombarded with temptation. In fact, even the perimeter — the areas once designated for meats, dairy and produce — are not entirely safe anymore. Sweets, fats and delicious morsels are pretty much everywhere, and avoiding them can be a challenge.

Drive-thru restaurants, buffet lines and bakeries have their way of drawing us in, and either out of hunger or lack of strong will we succumb to the longing for something that tastes good. Yet, sometimes the foods that are hurting us most are the ones we eat without thinking twice. It isn’t just your waistline that you need to watch out for. Some foods that are often perceived as healthy could be filling your body with toxins that make you susceptible to disease, mood fluctuations and skin irritation. When considering the changes you need to make to your diet, these culprits should be the first to go.

What is Good Food?

What makes food good? Is it the taste? The nutritional value? The cost? Each of these are factors that influence the food choices that we make, but what helps us make the best decision? Depending on who you listen to, healthy food can come in the shape of fat free or sugar free, gluten free or raw, pure-meat versus fresh-made juice. Rather than thinking about what diet pattern you need to try out next, you might find the answers to your nutrition questions by understanding what foods you need to avoid the most.

Here is a quick list of 15 foods that you might still be eating, but could be wreaking havoc on your diet and nutrition efforts.


17 Food You Should be Avoiding -3 Sprouts

There is nothing fundamentally wrong with sprouts, other than the fact that they are really good at carrying the types of bacteria that make us sick. A lot of foodborne illnesses travel through sprouts and the result is that they are constantly being recalled. To avoid illness, it is best to leave the crunchy treat off your sandwich.

Canned vegetables

17 Food You Should be Avoiding - 4 Canned vegetables

Canned vegetables are frozen, processed, thawed and shipped thousands of miles before being treated with preservatives and stuck into a can. By the time you get them to your plate they are devoid of much of their nutritional value as well as their taste. In fact, some canned vegetables are provided with added flavors to help bring their natural vegetable-like taste back. Stick to fresh produce to maximize the nutritional intake.