15 Ways to Eat Less Meat and Save the Planet this Week


Source: Shutterstock/Elena veselova

According to a study conducted at the Oxford University, meat eaters cause global warming. Yes, you read that right. Eat 3.5 to four ounces of meat a day, and you cause twice as much global warming as vegetarians and three times as much as vegans. The trend has to stop. Protect the environment and save the world (not to mention your waistline) when you eat less meat this week.

15. Try Veggie Burgers

Sub 1 Veggie Burger

Tasty and nutritious veggie burgers can take the place of hamburgers every night of the week. Start with store-bought veggie burgers that are marinated in teriyaki sauce for a few hours or brushed with barbecue sauce while they’re on the grill. Or fashion your own faux burgers from black beans or lentils. Top your veggie burgers with fresh tomatoes, colorful lettuce and sweet pickles, and you have yourself a delicious and filling meatless meal.

14. Serve a Big Salad

Sub 2 Salad

It’s hard to miss meat when you’re chowing down on a big salad. Load a large bowl or plate with several different types of lettuce, a variety of veggies and fruits like raisins, grapes and apples. Then, toss on the hard-boiled eggs and light dressings to create a meal that’s satisfying without meat.

13. Prepare Spaghetti Sans Meatballs

Sub 3 Spaghetti

Will you really miss those cute meatballs nestled in the noodles and floating in the sauce? Probably not. But if you can’t live without meat in your spaghetti, toss sautéed, filling and flavorful onions, peppers and mushrooms to your spaghetti pot.

12. Bring on the Black Beans

Sub 4 Black beans

In everything from tacos to meatloaf, black beans take the place of hamburger. So, soak black beans or open and drain a can today as you prepare meatless meals with help from protein-packed and versatile black beans.

11. Make Meatless Chili

Sub 5 chilli

Need a soothing comfort food? Make a big pot of meatless chili. Instead of burger, sausage or pork, load the pot with beans, lentils, corn, salsa, tomatoes and onions.

10. Befriend Quinoa

Sub 6 Quinoa

Its name sounds funny and the tiny grains look intimidating, but quinoa is loaded with protein, iron and fiber. Prep a big batch on Sunday, and use it all week as a meatless filler in soups or on an entree plate with veggies. You can even mix this meat substitute in a bowl with cinnamon and fresh fruit for breakfast.

9. Embrace Versatile Eggs

Sub 7 Eggs

From omelets to frittatas, eggs become excellent meatless meals. Fry a few to serve with fruit for breakfast, mix hard-boiled eggs, mayo and pickles or olives as an egg salad for lunch and prep a strata with tomatoes, peepers, onions, zucchini, mushrooms and garlic for dinner. Since they’re so affordable, you can easily eat eggs every day and won’t miss meat.