10 Reasons Why Sex is Good For Your Health

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Very rarely does it happen that the things we want to do are the things that we should be doing. A quick image search for healthy habits on the internet will lead to a plethora of sarcastic memes with blunt opinions on the woes of working out and the pleasures of eating cake. Even the popular mantra “work hard; play hard” insinuates that those two things are integrally opposite. We’re taught from early on in life that being healthy isn’t fun, but we have to do it anyways. As a result, we tend to overlook opportunities to make being healthy fun—and completely shy away from the facts that say what we are already doing is healthy, and maybe we should keep up some of that fun!

Sex is good. This is the plain truth about an activity that we have all been thinking about and engaging in for the entirety of our adulthood.

Except a lot of us aren’t raised to think of sex as “good.” We think of sex as being something taboo or negative—something that we’ll think about and take part in behind closed doors; something to joke about at parties. We don’t think about the wonderful things that come out of having sex.


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Sex can do a lot more than bring you momentary pleasure. Having sex on a regular basis can help curb your risk of developing chronic illnesses and can enhance your quality of life. Even just engaging in sexual activity sporadically is shown to offer direct benefits to your mental and physical health.

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