10 Easy Ways to Beat the Monday Morning Blues

2. Smile

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That curly haired imp Annie once sang that “you’re never fully dressed without a smile,” and in our experience, you should most definitely never start a Monday morning without one. Scientists have found that smiling actually shifts your biochemistry, releasing endorphins which combat stress and give you an instant mood lift. A Swedish study concluded that subjects who looked at smiling people had difficulty holding a frown, often automatically smiling in return. Our point? Smiling is actually contagious, and by leading the pack, you might have the whole office happier before you even hit lunch hour.

3. Get Organized

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A bad case of the Mondays often includes panicky moments like waking up late, running for the bus, losing your car keys, forgetting your cell phone, dropping your wallet, getting caught in the rain, and other mishaps that can flat out ruin your day. Accidents happen, but you can nip some in the bud by being prepared. Get a good night’s sleep, set dual alarms so you have a backup, organize all your must-have items the night before, and leave your essentials in a highly visible place so it’s almost impossible to walk out the door without them.