10 Delicious And Healthy Meals You Can Make With Mason Jars

Much like the humble avocado, the Mason jar has also been experiencing a renaissance lately. All across the land, people are embracing these quirky little containers for all manner of crafty things, from storage to tea light holders and vases. Who ever thought a simple jar could  be so versatile? Apparently it took this old-timey jar design to finally get people embracing glass, cylindrical containers to their full potential.

The Mason jar’s recent popularity is mostly down to food (what else?) and the kind of food you can put in them. Of course, it’s only right for any sensible, not-quite-so-hip, everyday person to feel a bit skeptical about the trend. What’s so great about drinking out of a funny looking jar when you can drink out of an actual glass? Why store and transport food in these things when lunchboxes and Tupperware have been perfectly fine for this sort of thing up until now?

Steve Hunsberg, director of Jarden Home Brands — who have been selling Ball Mason jars for 130 years — credits the recent soar of popularity for Mason jars to nostalgia, the economy and people wanting to reduce their carbon footprint.  Can you say the same thing about dedicated plastic lunchbox users? Possibly. But I digress, here are ten recipes for Mason jars that will make you want to run out and buy a whole batch immediately.


If you’re not a morning person, making sure you eat a healthy breakfast every morning can be tough. With Mason jars you can prepare a meal the night before, and grab it in the morning before you go to work without having to think through that groggy morning fog – a triumph for those of us who definitely are not morning people!

1.) Breakfast Jar Parfait

2.) Mason Jar Breakfast Casserole


While there are a whole host of options when it comes to eating out of a Mason jar, Mason jars almost certainly can thank their recent fame for how great they are for storing salads. Bringing a salad to work can be a devastating affair. Oftentimes, by the time lunch comes, even the best of salads can be wilted, soggy and sad. The shape and space of a Mason jar helps with keeping salads fresher for longer, especially if you layer everything correctly. Just follow the “formula” below, and you should be good to go:

3.) Burrito Bowl Mason Jar Salad

4.) Zucchini Pasta Salad With Avocado Dressing

5.) Chopped Black Bean And Corn Mason Jar Salad

6. ) Asian Noodle Salad

Everything Else:

Although Mason jars are certainly great for all things salad, it would be rude to neglect the amazing dinner and dessert possibilities out there when discussing delicious jar based meals. Granted, they might not be as healthy as the salad options included on this list (hate to break it you, dessert. I still love you!), but if you’re someone who finds it difficult to figure out correct portion sizes, Mason jars can act as a super handy guide to how much you should be eating. This is particularly true when you’re cooking for one and are in the mood for something that is traditionally cooked in large batches.

7.) Chicken Pot Pie

8.) Lasagna In A Jar

9.) Low Sugar Banana Split Parfait

10.) Midnight Black Chocolate Pudding