15 Big New Workout Classes in the U.S.

Does your normal workout seem like a scene from the movie: Groundhog Day—just more of the same old, same old? Then try one (or even all!) of these 15 fun, fresh classes which some of the fittest ladies in Hollywood are taking.

We like to understand precisely what workout classes are like before parting with our hard-earned money. So, we tried everything to offer you what will actually work to get you into shape this year and gain skills to maintain a healthy body.

image copyright: Chelsea Bissell/ Flickr

We polled over 100 studios and gyms in four trend-setting cities (Miami, New York, Chicago and LA) for their hottest workout classes (including Zumba). These state-of-the-art workouts mix up traditional training techniques to deliver amazing results, sweat-inducing sessions, and workouts that are enjoyable again.

These classes will not only breathe new life into your gym time, assist you to remain motivated, but they will also keep your body burning extra calories all winter long.

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