Why You Shouldn’t Feel Self Conscious At The Gym

Woman at the gym exercising on a machine. Legs and buttocks

© Depositphotos.com/markin

If you’re just starting out at the gym, or you’re back from a long hiatus, it can be intimidating, and scary. Everyone there has been working out consistently for their whole lives right? Wrong. While you might be nervous about trying to get fit, there is absolutely no reason to! Everyone in that gym stated the same as you, and everyone commends you for trying to get healthier. There is no shame in it and here are some reasons you should shed you self consciousness!

1. No One Was Born In The Gym.

We know that if you go onto certain people’s social media accounts, there is this talk of being ‘born in the gym’ and all of these other ridiculous things. But be aware; these are myths! Every single person in the gym has at one point been in the very same position as you. They may not have had a great fitness level, they may have been uncomfortable with their weight, or they may have not been made of pure solid muscle, so never believe them if they tell you any different! You’re going to start out at a lower level, and you will find within a few weeks, there was no reason to be intimidated – it was just your nerves playing up on you!

2. No One Is Looking At You!

If you’ve been to the weights area of a gym recently, you may notice that 95% of the people in there are so preoccupied with themselves and their pulsating muscles, that they don’t even have time to check you out! You could put on a Broadway show in the cardio area and a lot of them mightn’t even notice! So there you have it, other people’s vanity has given you a level of privacy you never thought possible in the open spaces of a gym! Take your time getting to know the machines you want to use and don’t even worry about anyone else!

3. You’re There To Improve, The Same As Everyone Else

Feeling self conscious is such a normal emotion when we push ourselves out of our comfort zones. But the reason you joined the gym is to better yourself in some terms – whether that’s your overall health, your weight, or as a stress reliever, you joined because you wanted to. Allow this thought to seep into your thought process; who cares if you’re sweating like crazy, or panting like mad, you’re pushing yourself and that’s why you went there. Everyone else is there for the exact same reason, to better themselves in some way – and you should remember that they could be just as wary as you are!

Being in the gym isn’t about impressing anyone, it’s about bettering yourself, for yourself. You don’t need to pay any mind to what anyone else thinks (if they can tear themselves away from the mirror for long enough to spare a thought that is!), this is your time. So shed that insecurity and go kick some ass!