The 15 Best Exercises To Kickstart Your Fitness Goals

8. There’s an App for That

15 Activities to Get Healthy

If you’ve got a smartphone, you’ve got access to loads of training “buddy” apps and other exercise-themed programs that will track things like calories burned, distances traveled, and overall progression. Find a pedometer app and try to work toward getting your 10,000 steps a day.

9. When in Doubt, Stand

15 Activities to Get Healthy

Not only do you sit all day at your desk while typing on a computer, but you also sit to eat, sit to talk on the phone, and sit to do just about everything else life requires. Reverse that. Try to stand and walk around whenever you’re on the phone.

Not convinced these simple activities are beneficial? Consider the recent article in “Time” that suggested sitting for more than three hours a day can lead to a shortened lifespan.

10. Join the Kids

15 Activities to Get Healthy

As any parent knows, raising kids is exhausting, and one of the best ways to leave a sedentary life behind is to commit to a healthy, active lifestyle with kids. You already know that you need to get up and get active, but exercise for children offers loads of benefits.

The National Institutes of Health says exercise helps kids sleep better (great for mom and dad!), get better grades, and maintain a healthy weight, in addition to loads of other benefits.

11. Find Your Inner Mr. (or Ms.) Clean

15 Activities to Get Healthy

Sometimes people enjoy cleaning, but most of us just want to see the bed made, the vacuuming done, and the windows cleaned by someone else. If you employ help for cleaning or rely on your significant other to keep the residence sparkling, a few minutes spent helping each day will get your blood flowing.

According to “Shape” magazine, activities like washing the floor burn about 187 calories in a half hour, assuming you’re a 150-pound person. Vacuuming or sweeping might not work off the caloric equivalent of a large pizza, but you’ll be moving instead of sitting, and that’s the idea.

12. Put Your Weight to Good Use

15 Activities to Get Healthy

You don’t need to have a gym full of expensive equipment to get fit and build muscle. Start transforming that flabby belly into a taut core with some bodyweight exercises like squats, lunges, and wall push-ups.

Fitness magazine “Men’s Fitness” offers some marvelous bodyweight exercises for anyone getting back into a fitness routine. Don’t worry, the exercises are great for any gender.

13. Find a Friend

15 Activities to Get Healthy

Your coworkers ask you if you’d like to join them for some Frisbee at lunch and you politely decline, preferring instead to read Facebook and munch on Cheetos. Next time you get the opportunity to widen your circle of friends, put the bag of chips down and close your web browser.
Even if all you do is sit under a tree while your coworkers toss the Frisbee around on the lawn, you’re not hunched over your desk, staring at selfies, and cultivating your sedentary lifestyle.

14. Bicycle to Nowhere

15 Activities to Get Healthy

Cycling is an amazing way to see the world around you and is a terrific option for getting to work, but getting out on the pavement is a little ambitious. That’s where a stationary bike can fill the void.

If you’re not ready to take to the outdoors after getting used to your stationary bike, try a class at a local gym. Some of the indoor cycling classes at today’s gyms rival the calories you’ll burn outside on a traditional bicycle.

15. Grab Some Weights and Lift


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The next time someone utters, “do you even lift, bro?” you can answer in the affirmative, even if you can’t bench 250 pounds and you’d never consider yourself a “bro.” Did you know that weights come in sizes as small as a pound? Even if you’re used to lifting nothing heavier than a can of soda, you can lift a pound in each hand.

It might seem like all the weights at the gym only come in sizes of hefty, gigantic, and obscene, but your local fitness shop should have a variety of weights starting at just a pound. Get ready to do some bicep curls and lateral raises!

15 Activities to Get Healthy

Any activity that inspires you to get up from the chair, couch, or bed is one that will offer lasting, positive effects on your health. If you’re also looking to lose weight while abandoning your sedentary lifestyle, remember that you’ll need to make some dietary changes, too. You can’t walk a few blocks and then come back to toss a pizza down the hatch.
Also, remember that if you’re extremely out-of-shape or overweight, you need to have a discussion with your doctor about exercising. Take it slow, take it easy, and say goodbye to your sedentary life!