The Top 16 Habits Of People Who Stay In Shape

8. They Don’t Make Excuses


Those who stay in shape long-term don’t find excuses as for why they can’t eat good food and squeeze in a workout. They accept responsibility for their failures, and then they resolve to do better. They don’t waste time beating themselves up about their missed opportunities either.

7. They Find Ways to Enjoy Exercise

Source: Thinkstock/Stewart Cohen

Source: Thinkstock/Stewart Cohen

There are so many options for exercise that you should never lock yourself into just one form of fitness. Besides, if you hate exercising and it is no fun, you will be less likely to do it. Fit people find forms of exercise that they enjoy, and they shake things up regularly so they won’t get bored. Tai chi, Zumba, rock climbing, biking, and jogging are just a few of the hundreds of forms of exercise that can improve your fitness level.

6. They Make Exercise a Priority


Fit people make exercise a non-negotiable part of the day. Even on insanely busy days, those who stay in shape long-term manage to squeeze in a 10 minute jog during lunch or a 20 minute yoga routine while waiting at the laundromat. They don’t care if others think it might be a weird time to exercise; they just do it.

5. They Eat Real Food


Fit people know that sugar substitutes and energy bars are no replacement for real, healthy foods. Those who stay in shape long-term eat food that is clean and natural, and they avoid processed junk food as a general rule. Fit people know that the fewer unpronouceable ingredients are on a food label, the better the food will be for them.

4. They Work Out Even When They Don’t Feel Like It

Woman training at the gym doing abdominals

Fit, healthy people don’t wait to “feel like it” before they get their bodies moving. Everyone has days that they feel tired and sluggish, but fit people push through their lethargy and force themselves to work out on slow days. When you make yourself exercise on sluggish days, you may find that you finish your workout more energetic than when you started.

3. They Focus on Their Health Rather Than Their Weight or Their Appearance

Portrait of young sporty girl doing stretching exercise

Those who stay in shape over many years understand that things like their weight and their measurements are just two arbitrary pieces of data. They don’t just consider these numbers, but they also consider how they feel and how they perform at the gym in their assessments of their health and fitness level. While keeping your weight under control is important, your weight can fluctuate over the course of the month, so it is not a 100 percent reliable measure of your fitness level.

2. They Include Several Different Kinds of Exercise Over the Course of a Month

active young woman on rock wall in sport center

Really fit people don’t just do a single kind of exercise for weeks and weeks. Rather, they include several different forms of physical activity over the course of a month. The practice of varying your workouts keeps you working toward new and challenging goals and helps you avoid boredom with exercise.

1. They Make Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Goals

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You know the saying, “If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time.” This is especially true for exercise. Make a realistic daily fitness goal and post it on the fridge or share it on Facebook. Also, make reachable weekly goals of how many miles you want to walk or how many minutes you want to work out each week. Set long-term goals, perhaps running a marathon or competing in a fitness event to test yourself against others.