The One Fitness Move You Need For A Fantastic Body

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For centuries people have been looking for the fountain of youth, and for centuries people have been let down and forced to face reality. Age happens to all of us, yet it doesn’t seem to happen at the same pace or to the same effect. There are some who manage to gracefully age while maintaining a fantastic appearance. The reason for this is often because of the way that they exercise.

Certain activities are just better for our bodies than are others. Much like the superfoods we all cling to, there are certain exercises that can be altered to accommodate any fitness level and can be built-up to create a more challenging, complex workout as needed. We aren’t talking about running, and there is no need for you to bend into a squat. This is one workout move that you might not have ever tried before, but once you see how it can impact your core, glutes and hips, we think you’ll love it. We’re talking about the bridge.

The Bridge to a Healthy, Happy Body

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Bridge is a pose that stems from yoga. It is a favorite workout among yoga instructors, Pilates enthusiasts, dancers, athletes and personal trainers. The reason the exercise is so popular is thanks to its ability to target so many of our core muscles. It engages the abdominals, the gluteus, the hips, the lower back and even the upper arms and chest to minor degrees.

To complete the basic bridge activity, you should lay on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Your arms should be stretched in front of you at your sides and your head and neck should be flat on the floor, as well. Take a breath and tighten your core muscles as you thrust your pelvis into the air. This should result in your knees reaching a 90 degree angle. With your feet and shoulders still on the floor, your body will resemble a bridge. Hold this pose for as long as you can—start with 30 seconds and work your way up to 90 seconds or two minutes. Return to the starting position and repeat.

Alterations to the Bridge

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There are ways to make this pose more challenging, which will further target your muscles. As your pelvis is in the air, try raising one of your feet so that your knee is extending straight and your foot is in the air. Return your foot to its starting position half-way through your hold and alternate the extension. Another way to make this pose more complex is to raise your arms straight above your head. This will force you to use additional core strength to balance and hold the pose.

The bridge is a great workout move because you can do it absolutely anywhere. This is an ideal move to do in your own home, and an easy one to do right when you wake up or just before going to bed. Start out by holding and repeating the pose for just a few minutes and work your way up. The longer you hold the bridge, the more you are working those muscles and the closer you are to a tight, toned and sexy body.

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