The 15 Best Things About Living an Active Lifestyle

6. Sweat actually isn’t gross anymore

Sub 10 sweat

Sweat isn’t an annoyance; it is a way to gage just how hard you’ve worked today—and how hydrated you are. Instead of trying to hide your sweat you might find yourself showing off your sweat stains to your workout buddy as you exchange high-fives for a job well-done.

5. Protein powders and protein bars and protein

Sub 11 protein

And protein. Because this is what about half of the conversations you have about food will consist of, and it will occupy a good portion of your grocery shopping budget, too.

4. You have a new way to cope with stress

Sub 12 stress

When activity becomes a staple in your life, it starts to replace other habits. Many people who work out frequently use exercise as a coping method of dealing with stress or unease in their life. Instead of drowning a bad day in a glass of wine or a piece of cake, consider going for an empowering jog.

3. Mental clarity (it all makes sense)

Sub 13 Clarity

At first, balancing the new workout schedule with your work schedule will feel like a lot to balance. However, as your body adjusts to the increase in activity, you’ll start to experience benefits in mental clarity. This can translate to increase productivity and improved attention span—which can actually help clear time for more exercise!

2. Digestive issues are minimal

Sub 14 digestion

Living an active lifestyle can help your body in numerous ways, but one of the more obvious for many people is the effects on digestion habits. The more regular you are with exercise, the more regular your bowels are likely to become.

1. Your health is stellar: mentally and physically

Sub 15  helthy

Last but certainly not least; the more active you are the healthier you are. It is a simple equation and it is true in almost all situations—the more activity a person brings into their life, the more health improvements they will see. Being active reduces your risk of chronic disease like heart attack, stroke and diabetes, which can actually lengthen your lifespan. It also reduces your risk of depression and anxiety and can help you think more clearly, showing itself beneficial to mental health, as well.