The 15 Best Things About Living an Active Lifestyle

Source: Shuttertock/Pikoso.kv

Source: Shuttertock/Pikoso.kv

When you think about living an active lifestyle, the first thing to come to mind may be the long hours at the gym or the sore muscles that come after a workout. For some, the anxiety that comes with the anticipation of physical fitness overpowers the drive to be healthy. Yet, when you really stop and let activity become a part of your daily lifestyle, your opinion of exercise might begin to change—as well as your thought process, dietary habits and other elements of your life that you might never of associated with exercise.

See our list of the top 15 benefits of living an active lifestyle, you won’t regret it!

15. Your schedule will fill up

Source: Shutterstock/Business

Source: Shutterstock/Lucky Business

When you take on a more active lifestyle, you might be surprised by how busy your schedule will become. This is a great way to combat those long evenings of mindless snacking, and can help you meet new people.

14. It gets easier to snack healthy

Sub 2 snack

Here is the thing about healthy food—your body craves it. When you are constantly being active, your body starts to care a lot more about what you eat thanks to the nutrients it is craving. This means it is easier to skip the vending machine in lieu of your bag of baby carrots.

13. Moderation is easier to manage

Sub 3 moderation

When you live an active lifestyle, having a cookie or a piece of pizza becomes a lot less of a stressful ordeal. It is because when you workout frequently, it becomes easier to enjoy treats in moderation. You know that you are healthy—the meal of the moment isn’t dictating how you live your life.

12. Friends notice what is up

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The more active you become, the more obvious it becomes. There are a few reasons that people will notice the changes in you, including your increasingly busy schedule and your diminishing waist line. Don’t be surprised if you start getting asked for health advice.

11. The Food Network is thrilling television

Sub 5 Kale

When you start to live more actively, then nutrition starts to become more of an interest too—and that means figuring out exciting new ways to incorporate things like kale and flax seed into your diet. The Food Network helps with this.

10. Green smoothies are a thing

Sub 6 Green smoothie

Speaking of kale and flax seed, they’ll go great with your almond milk and local honey in your daily morning smoothies. The more active you become, the more you’ll crave this sort of nutrient blast in the morning and the more likely you’ll be to embrace this sort of healthy drink as a meal.

9. Running is a good replacement for happy hour

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When you live an active lifestyle, your workout of choice starts to take priority over other elements of your life. This might include some unhealthy habits—like smoking and drinking. Remember, you can always invite your friends to accompany you on a run or walk instead of meeting them at the bar.

8. Bed times change and alarm clocks ring

Sub 8 time

It becomes a lot easier to manage an active lifestyle when the days are longer—and this means turning off the TV a few hours earlier and getting up with the early birds of the world. But don’t worry—by being more active, you’ll be ready for bed by the time the sun goes down.

7. Social media posts change from rants to run logs

Sub 9 paost

The only people who hate those exercise log posts are the people who don’t have their own PRs to beat and runs to report. The more active you become, the more people you’ll meet who are also active—and as they share their workouts, you’ll be sure to throw your stats up too.